GO-Max Quick Change

The GO MAX clutch is a system patented by GRADO CERO that combines all the advantages, making it the most efficient on the market.

The following factors were considered in its development:

Minimal impact on the original kinematics
Interchangeability with equipment of different excavator brands and models.
Minimal impact on the original kinematics:

The smallest size, adaptable to different brands
The right size to provide a reliable, strong structure.
Minimal maintenance required.

Easy assembly
Minimal maintenance required

Taking these factors into account, we have developed a clutch that achieves the highest utilization rate in the market and, in particular, absolute user satisfaction.

Technical Data

The GO-MAX models are divided into different standards, covering practically all brands and models on the market.

From an excavator operating weight of 35 tons, the clutches are uniformly manufactured, meaning each machine has its own clutch. This is due to the fact that changes in measurements between pin centers can significantly affect the excavator's performance.

In cases where interchangeability of equipment for various excavator models of this size is required, GRADO CERO will provide appropriate advice.

ST.50 ST.65 ST.80 ST.90 ST.100
Machine T 7-11 10-15 15-25 24-30 28-36
Maximum pin diameter mm 60 65 80 90 100
Maximum beam width mm 200 280 350 410 440